The world is facing an increasing range of threats: from nuclear conflicts to digital warfares that, given modern technologies, can reach almost any corner of the planet. As threats grow global in their effects, so should the debate on the most pressing security and defence matters. The Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum 2017 aims at promoting an expert-level discussions amongst young generation of future leaders from 28 countries.

The Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum 2017 will focus on Brexit, NATO’s future, the cooperation of its Northern and Southern neighbours, finding the right balance between common defence principles and responsibility of each ally towards strengthening their national defence capabilities facing issues on cyber security, migration, economic security and populism.

Although the capability to host young professionals in Rīga is restricted due to the many factors, the opportunity to participate via on-line platforms is limitless. Please follow our on-line broadcast from 28th of September via Facebook and Twitter via #RCFLF.

For more information please contact:

Ms Anna Stepena: [email protected], (+371) 22377156

Mr Peteris Rekis: [email protected], (+371) 22045902

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