Media accreditation for The Rīga Conference 2020 is now open!

Important information:

Per recent decision, this year the conference is organised fully online, with exception of a number of speakers and panel moderators who will attend the conference in person in the National Library in Latvia. The media representatives will have the possibility to participate online through a platform that will be set up especially for the event and will livestream all the panels and coffee-break conversations and will also provide the opportunity to schedule interviews online and ask questions in the Q&A sessions as well.

If you are a media representative and want to become a part of The Rīga Conference 2020, it is necessary for you to contact the Media coordinator at [email protected]. All media must complete and submit the accreditation form.

Only official media representatives will be considered. If you are accompanied by a photographer or videographer, or other colleague, we must receive an individual application for each member of your team. A request for accreditation does not provide automatic accreditation. All applicants will receive an email regarding the status of their accreditation.

Download the accreditation form here: MediaAccreditationFormRC2020

If you have any questions regarding the accreditation process or about The Rīga Conference 2020, please feel free to contact the Media team at [email protected]

Republishing, embedding and linking to The Rīga Conference

We encourage you to share content generated at The Rīga Conference under the terms of our Acknowledgement Policy.

Print/Radio – Any article or interview resulting from The Rīga Conference should mention The Rīga Conference.
Television – Any program or interview resulting from The Rīga Conference should mention The Rīga Conference or display the logo. Should you need a logo, please contact the media coordinator or approach the help-desk at the venue.
Online Publications – Any article or interview related to The Rīga Conference should mention The Rīga Conference and a link to the website
Photos – Photos in high resolution are available for download at any time. While there are no copyright restrictions, please quote the author of the photos: Valdis Kaulins, as well as The Rīga Conference.
For additional materials, please e-mail us at [email protected]