The Rīga Conference

Future Leaders Forum 2020!


The Rīga Conference Future Leaders Forum (RC FLF) is a side event of The Rīga Conference. The forum aims to bring together young professionals who are interested in defence and security, foreign policy and global economy matters. Their participation is based on a few important principles such as the background of a young professional in academia, journalism, government, or NGO affairs. The young participants of RC FLF 2020 will primarily debate the topical issues of three spheres:

  • Sustainability of democracy, relations between security and democracy, new threats to democratic regimes;
  • Future of EU and NATO;
  • New challenges and threats to NATO member states.

The panel discussions will bring together field professionals, politicians, and scientists from all around the world with the young professionals of the forum. The three highlighted topics will be debated, and the young leaders will seek an answer to a simple question: What can the present leadership do to make the world a better place now? Participants will also participate in a simulation game, group discussions and other online interactions between themselves and with lecturers, discussants and trainers. Additionally, they have the opportunity to participate at The Rīga Conference itself.

Apply for the forum from October 1st until November 1st by sending your CV and motivation letter to [email protected]!